Dr. "Dock" Dockery holding a child

It began with Dock.

Established in 1979 by Dr. Dock Dockery, the non-profit International Foot & Ankle Foundation began with his desire to support underpaid and underfunded surgical residents to attend national seminars and training programs. IFAF then began offering higher-value, better-quality podiatric seminars and workshops, which helped fund our resident programs.

Today, IFAF has grown from supporting two residents per year to twelve. We’ve expanded from one Seattle seminar a year to 10-12 scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops—as well as advanced postgraduate courses—that engage foot and ankle specialists worldwide.

Today’s IFAF provides the highest level of continuing medical education on foot and ankle care, focused on medicine, surgery, and research.

It all began with one good doctor’s vision.

Continuing the mission.

By establishing the Legacy Fund, we are dedicated to growing IFAF, to inspire and support the next generation of foot and ankle physicians and surgeons. We envision a thriving IFAF program that supports podiatric residents and fellows, funds research and education, and improves patients’ lives through charitable programs.

Choose how you want to give.

Gifts that make an impact now:

  • Direct donations
  • Donor advised funds
  • Matching gifts

Gifts that make a lasting impact:

  • Life insurance policy beneficiary designation
  • Will and trust bequests

Providing for institutions and causes you care about, such as IFAF, is an excellent way to demonstrate your values, help you gain a better understanding of what’s important to you, and set an example for others to follow.

Why give?

Legacy gifts help ensure IFAF is here to support future generations of podiatric excellence through:

  • Added support for 12 residents in the NW Podiatric Surgical Residency Consortium.
  • Funding for podiatry residents to attend IFAF and other approved courses, seminars, and mentorships.
  • High-quality IFAF seminars, conferences, workshops, and courses.
  • Research funding for residents and fellows.
  • Free online access to The Journal of the International Foot & Ankle Foundation.
  • Support for IFAF philanthropic programs such as the Barry University Yucatan Children’s Project, where IFAF-sponsored volunteer doctors screen and treat children with severe and disabling foot and leg disorders.

To extend your support of IFAF, consider making a gift through your estate plan. While being both gratifying and rewarding, the variety of planned-giving options offer donors like you the means of achieving more philanthropically, while also enjoying greater tax and financial benefits.

Pay it forward!

Every gift is meaningful and assists us in continuing our mission. You can help us shape IFAF’s future and leave a legacy for future generations of podiatry residents and fellows.

To discuss how your contribution can make a difference, contact your tax-planning professional or our Legacy Fund financial advisor:

Tim Boyle
Radix Wealth
15205 N Kierland Blvd Suite 200
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
TEL: (602) 837-4014
EMAIL: tim@radix-wealth.com

The IFAF Legacy Fund